Naples native Caroline Dixon founded Joules by Design with her love and passion of handmade artisan gemstone jewelry. In collaboration with her brilliant mother and best friend Juliette Dixon, the duo strives to create pieces with character, soul, and of course, energy. CD & JD are proud to run a locally owned business showcasing their designs that are HANDMADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸  

Having lived in Singapore and traveled to numerous countries, the Dixons have developed a unique international style. They describe their jewelry as a combination of earthy, eclectic, and fresh. CD & JD draw from their personal cultural experiences when designing each unique jewelry piece. Their designs embody the beauty of nature through the use of varying textures, techniques, and materials. Designs are sometimes simple, others bold, but all designs showcase her talent and craftsmanship. Joules by Design’s vision is to create jewelry for the soul that encourages positive and bright energy by using the finest semiprecious gemstones and beads.

Caroline graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry; she likes to emphasize the "arts" of her degree. During her stint in the STEM world, she learned that the word joules is a metric term for a derived unit of energy. She would later graduate from FGCU with a BSN and become an Emergency Room & Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse, where she would put those "joules" to work using defibrillators to restart patients' hearts. Joules are quite literally lifesaving energy units.